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Jeff Bower - Owner

Owner Jeff Bower

Jeff has been married to his wife, Challis, for over 21 years and he worked for 20 years helping start and operate non-profit organizations and churches. They have four teenage kids.  As a young man he was involved for four years in FFA and proudly won the "Star Greenhand" award.  His family lineage goes back to the early 1800's with mid-west farmers and small business owners from both sides of the family.  His professional endeavors led him to get a Bachalor's degree in Religion and a Master's degree in Classical Studies.   

 In 2017 he launched Bower and Sons to help people looking for quality Amish builders at reasonable costs.  His decades of experience helping organizations and prioritizing the care of people make him ideal for helping customers get their projects completed within a budget that works for each family.    

Ashlee Delagrange - Project Manager


Ashlee Delagrange comes from a long-line of builders and her family connections go deep into the Fort Wayne construction world.  From lumberyards, insulation specialists, and home builders, she's grown up in a family that specializes in the trades.  As a matter of fact, her last name "Del La-grange" is French and literally means "from the barn." 

She holds an Associate degree in Construction Technology and another degree in HVAC systems.   Ashlee and Jeff work together managing teams, building barns, rehabbing old homes, and working with Bower and Sons customers to get them the right crew they need for barns, roofs, decks, and more.   

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Our partners

We're proud to partner with Ambassador Supply as our main source for all building materials. Their companies include:

  • Country Metals
  • Qualiform Metals
  • Proline Truss
  • Granville Lumber
  • Berne Buildings

Just like Bower and Sons, Ambassador Supply believes in supporting the local economy and giving back to the community!