choose a Custom barn built for you or top quality kits delivered directly to your build site

You know you need a barn...

You could buy the material and do it...

If you are a builder, have a friend who is, or just ready to tackle a barn-raising project, I can guarantee you won't find a better quality package.  This is not what the "big-box" stores will sell you.  We focus on one main thing - POLE BARNS... and the Amish lumber yard we work with won't put their name on it if things aren't done right.  That's why we only deal with top quality lumber, metal, and hardware. 

Or, we can send a team and do it for you...

Let's face it, we all usually pay an expert when we don't have the time, or we're smart enough to know when a project is over our head.  We can have a crew on your site helping to build you the barn you want with the assurance it is done professionally, safely, and precisely.  And surprisingly, it may not cost as much as you think.

Pick one of our pre-designed barns created to offer you the best price with the best quality

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Simple Sally

30x40 Pole Barn

Professionally built - $14,899

Simple Sally Deluxe

Professionally built - $16,980

Midwest Mary

40x60 Pole Barn

Professionally built - $28,600

Midest Mary Deluxe

40x60 Pole Barn with windows

Professionally built - $29,900

Backyard Bubba

50x80 Pole Barn

Professionally built - $37,780

Backyard Bubba Deluxe

50x80 Pole Barn kit

Professionally built - $39,776

looking for something more? custom design what you want

Everybody is working with a certain budget.  We want to help you get the barn you need at the price that fits.  When you call or email we will ask what features you are looking for, like size, types of doors, windows, roof overhang, insulation, interior, concrete floor, and a few other things.  If you are just "kicking the tires" and wondering how much it may cost you in the future, give us a call and we can do our best to offer a ball-park price range.  Keep in mind that lumber and material costs fluctuate.  Working up a full quote for your barn takes a few hours and because we contract with Amish builders, it will take a day to get that final price.  

Great, the price is right and you want to move forward!  There are a few things you need to do before our team comes to your job site.  The first thing is call your local county office and ask if you need building permits and how to go about getting them.  Because our crews are Amish, they only build the barn and pour any concrete.  Electrical work or indoor plumbing is something you and a friend can do, or a local handy-man can do the job.  Also, you will need to prep the site by excavating the ground BEFORE we build.  There are guidelines for preparing the ground if you want a cement floor, and if you just want a barn built on the ground in your back yard, we can do that too.  

The day you've been waiting for is finally here.  We coordinate all building materials getting shipped to your site. Roof trusses usually come direct from the factory in Ohio and your posts and metal are delivered by our driver direct from Berne, Indiana.  You will pay for materials when they arrive.  A second payment for the labor is collected at the finish of the project.  Depending on size, features, and weather, most pole barns can be erected within a week or two.      

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