Get creative and build your dream

Some barns are beyond storage solutions...

In today's world you have endless choices, and with the internet at your fingertips, you can dream up some amazing buildings.  

Because we offer the best building teams around, we can partner with you to get the project done that you've been creating.  Some customers simply send us pictures from other websites of barns they love.  Many customers have used Autocad programs or other software to map out their layout of doors, windows, and other items.  

For Amish teams who build Post Frame Buildings every week, the process becomes second nature to them.  When you send us your idea, our guys can take a look at it and map together all the pieces it will take to make it become a reality. 



commercial and industrial buildings

How much room do you need?

This set of two 80'x152'x24' buildings were erected for a fabrication shop. 

Your business is important to you, our business is important to us.  If you want it done right, we can help. just let us know how we can help you get the building you need for your business or farm.    


  • 4' on center trusses
  • 29 gauge metal - 40 yr warranty
  • laminated posts 3 or 4 ply 
  • Yellow Pine lumber 
  • Hurricane straps on all trusses
  • 48" deep posts on 3" cement cookie
  • 2" x 12" headers
  • Additional bracing throughout

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